How to forget the WiFi
network on my device?

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💻 On a Computer (Windows 11)

Click on the WiFi icon at the bottom right of your screen.
Open WiFi networks.
Right-click on the connected network.
Click on "Forget."

📱 On an Android device

Go to the WiFi settings of your device.
Click on the name of the connected network.
On the "Network Information" page, find "Forget network" at the bottom in red.

💻 On a Mac

Click on the WiFi icon in the top bar, then select "WiFi Settings."
Click on the "Advanced" button.
Select the network to forget, click on "(···)" and "Remove from the list."
Confirm by clicking "Remove."
Click "OK" to confirm your choice.

📱 On an iPhone or iPad

Go to the Settings of your device, then tap on WiFi.
Tap on the blue "i" next to the connected WiFi network.
Tap "Forget This Network" and confirm.