How to buy a wifi package online by card 💳?

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Open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
The Osmozis login gate appears.

(If it does not appears, “The login gate does not appears, what should I do ?”)

Click on the "Buy online" tab
You can chose to directly buy one of the most purchased package in your resort, they are suggested on the top of the page.
Otherwise, personalize your package by selecting the package type.
Then select the duration and the number of devices you want to connect simultaneously
Enter your email adress in the field provided
Click on “Proceed to payment”, then follow the instructions.
Then you will receive your login and password to connect by email.

You won’t need to enter these on the device with which you purchased your package.

However, you can connect other devices (depending on the number of simultaneous devices selected at the time of purchase) by connecting to the WiFi network at your place of stay and entering your login and password on the connection page.